Earn Referral Bonuses Through Streamlined Attribution

PixelMe’s Amazon Attribution Program integration allows you to earn an instant kickback for referrals from off-Amazon ads.
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Understand Which Channels are Most Effective

Earn a Bonus for Driving Off-Amazon Traffic

Subsidize your off-Amazon advertising by driving Amazon sales through referral links and earning a 10% Brand Referral Bonus (BRB) (only available in U.S. markets)

Automatically Enable Amazon Attribution

Connect your Amazon Attribution account to PixelMe to automatically embed your Amazon attribution link in your links and ads with the click of a button.
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Earn a Bonus for Driving Off-Amazon Traffic

Improve Rank with Multi-Channel Campaigns

PixelMe utilizes pixels across channels for optimized retargeting.

Make the most of your your ad experience across platforms with PixelMe retargeting tools designed to help improve keyword rankings and Amazon organic rank.
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Increase sales and improve Amazon rank with PixelMe’s attribution and retargeting technology.
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